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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sisters, Sisters...

If you are fortunate to have a sister, then you'll be able to relate to this post. You see, I have only one sister. She is six years older than me and has always had the role of my "big sister". With that title comes a lot of responsibility. She has to look out for me and love me no matter what.

Now, I will admit, we didn't always get along. Especially since I was the little sister with "cooties." I'm sure that I was always in her things, always playing in her room, and always embarrassing her. {Wasn't that my job?} As the years have progressed, our age difference has disappeared and now we rely on each other for just about everything. We are best friends, truly.

This week is my birthday and for my present, she found the sweetest things, two flamingos. They are absolutely gorgeous! They are the work of Brad Keeler. I hadn't heard of his work before, but since have read quite a bit. He studied art at USC and opened his own Glendale studio where he created naturalistic figures of birds and animals. His work is air~brushed and enhanced with hand~painted details. Especially popular were the flamingo figures. Now, I'm the proud owner of two!!

Sadly, in 1952, Keeler suffered a fatal heart attack. His company didn't survive the loss and closed its doors in 1953.

The second gift from my sister was a book she put together about our beach cabin. After Hurricane IKE, trips were made to the area to look at the property and to recover any items left from the storm. She had taken all pictures of the disaster and complied them in a book for both my mother and me. You see we all had a hand in building the cabin, however, it was the dream of my father and mother to have a weekend getaway. It is missed.

This is a picture of my father on the back deck of the cabin overlooking part of his land. He loved his cabin and the beach.
We miss him too. {1931~1987}


  1. Hmm...

    My sister and I are best friends, too! Love those flamingos!

  2. Happy sister and I are very close...lots of memories... you put something in perspective for me in your post... it never occured to me she has been looking out for me... just thought sometimes she put her nose where it didn't belong... I will look at it different now. Thanks, celebrate all week!
    I hope I spelled everything right... you're a retired teacher? I am not sure now...I have looked at a lot of green blogs today...haha!


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