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Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Little Transformation...

Our patio furniture was in need of a little attention:

Look at the bottom of the son went right through it! When we purchased this set, the salesperson said that the "slings" could be replaced when needed. Hm...
I found a great site online:

There were very specific instructions for taking off and the installation of new fabric. They even included a video with helpful tips.

In the first picture, you can see that the chair{s} needed repainting. Our area can be a bit windy and these guys have tumbled over more than once.
So Krylon to the rescue. It was so easy and covered very well.
...highly recommended...

Chair Care Patio sent fabric swatches to try and the selection was very close to the original fabric.

Within 10-15 days, the new slings arrived... they were a perfect color for the existing umbrella and a great match with the new paint. {whew!}

Following the directions, my husband was able to install the fabric fairly easy.

I'm linking to Susan's Met Monday over at Between Naps on the Porch. Drop by for a visit for loads of inspiration!


  1. That's a great update to the furniture. I was sure that you were going to say that the slings were discontinued! I have a wrought iron set that needs a makeover. I think that when it cools down this fall, I will try to tackle it with the Krylon. Thanks for the info.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  2. This is great to know, thanks for such a great useful post! Your set looks new!

  3. Thanks for sharing. It's a great fix.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  4. A Happy Ending story... isn't it funny how we end up finding almost anything in the internet? And isn't that great?

    Turned out great. Congratulations!

  5. Thanks for sharing that helpful information. I will be contacting them as a squirrel chewed a hole in one of our brand new chairs!!!

  6. Great fix! Nice that the new slings matched the umbrella, but I am surprised that it is still around... we lost umbrellas right and left when living in Texas.

    I had some 'cheapie" sling chairs that got discolored and so I just spray painted them! Sling and All. Turned out just fine.

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Home to Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party

  7. We have a couple of patio chairs that will need to be "redone" soon. This post inspires me to do it. I came here because of your name. I saw your link on another blog. People always have a problem with how to spell my name. They spell it almost every way imaginable. My nephew's son married a girl named Charllotte. (two l's) I had never seen it spelled that way.
    Have a great day Sharlotte.

  8. Hey, Sharlotte! We miss you at Gloria Dei! I was glad to see this post because we have similar chairs and I found the same website :) We're getting some new patio furniture (the table top shattered in one of the storms back in the spring and the older set has other issues), but we're keeping two of the older chairs and need to spray paint the frames white before we replace the slings. I'm also going to try to salvage the small end table by painting it and then doing a simple mosaic on the existing surface. Good to know about the Krylon! Can you use spray paint in this heat?

  9. Awesome article!!!
    Noticed that the replacement slings for each chair on the site listed above ( was around $65.00 Isn't that more or just as expensive as buying a new chair by itself?


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