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Thursday, April 11, 2013


If you've been following along, you know we're building a new home...
actually a new "old" home.
So, in planning, the details were important.
One detail that we've always loved are transoms.
I love the way they allow light to filter into a room...and historically, air flow was very important.

Some were really fancy...just for show.

I think they add so much to a space.
So, in the plans they went.

We put them on the front windows...

the back master windows...

the breakfast room windows...

and above the front doors.

Then we decided to add a last one to the interior.

We really wanted a vintage transom, one with a history, so we looked and looked.
You can read about our search here.
However, since we couldn't find the correct size, we just decided to have one made.
Luckily, my mother is the queen of shopping and she just happened to have a name of a guy.
He was precious...and apparently had been working with glass a very long time.

He's truly an artist, an expert in his field.

We decided on this design:

It comes in pieces already cut, a huge cost saver, and he puts them together.

Well, when I saw the finished product, I was thrilled!

And here it is in place.
It's gonna be great!

Up husbands "stuff".


  1. WONDERFUL!!!!!!! I LOVE transoms, although we don't have any in our house. I would love to add them as a decorative feature as well as for the air flow. How terrific that your Mom knew a guy to do the glass for the one inside! (And in this case it is apparent that "knowing a guy" didn't mean something "fell off the back of a truck"! :-))

    Congratulations on your progress, and best wishes as you continue!!!!!


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