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Monday, April 15, 2013

A Few Details..

If you saw my post on transoms, you saw the beautiful design above the doorway in our new home.
The design I originally wanted was the Regent pattern.


However, having the individual pieces made was out of my budget.
So we went with plan B and had this made.

I love it and it looks beautiful!

Then I had an idea.
In my butler's pantry, I was having clear glass doors installed.
And, somewhere in blogland I remember seeing someone who made "faux" leaded glass windows.
Would something like that work for my doors?
Well, after a quick search, I found this site:
Linda over at It all Started with Paint gives a great tutorial on her window.
Looks easy enough...
I think I could do this, plus mine was a step or two easier.

Alright, here's one door ready for experimenting:

clear glass, cleaned and ready for measuring.

I measured my exact inside dimensions and began drawing my pattern.

Next, I placed the pattern on the underside of the glass, securing it with painters tape.

This was the product recommended.
It's found at You can find it here.

There's 33ft per roll with about 1/8" in width.
{The instructions stated that it can be cut lengthwise in half...and that will double your overall length.}
The lead is actually a bright silver color, but I'm thinking that over time it will turn darker due to oxidation.
Included is a plastic tool that you'll use to seal the strips.

I cut my strips according to the pattern and then snipped the ends to fit as needed.
You kinda have a play with it a bit and decide about your cuts.
Peel off the adhesive strip and put in place.
I overlapped the ends a little to give the piece that soldering look
and then "smooshed" the ends together with the plastic tool.
The lead strip is forgiving...if you mess up, just pry it up and re-position.

Here's a finished door:

I think it's going to be alright...not a real leaded glass piece, but darn close.

On to the next door, four in all...same pattern, same strategy.

And here they are in their new spot...

I'm liking it.
Up next: tile

This post is part of a series, if you'd like to start at the beginning, click here.

I'm joining Susan over at Between Naps on the Porch for her Metamorphosis Monday.
Be sure to drop by for amazing transformations!


  1. I love it! Now I want to do that on all the windows of my house, haha! What a great project!

  2. Sharlotte, they are gorgeous! Can't wait to see more!

  3. Oh. My. Goodness. That is so neat!

  4. Absolutely Love this! Thank you so much for sharing this, I would love to give this a shot (I found your site via hometalk)

  5. great job!! looks amazing....would love to do this to our windows!! btw: nice blog....can I please put it on my blogroll on my blog??
    sincerely, June


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