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Friday, April 12, 2013

"Stuff" part 2

So if you've been following along about our new house adventures, 
you know that I confessed to having "stuff". 
You can read about it here.

Well, if the truth were to be told, my husband has "stuff" too.
I'm  not the only guilty party.
He really doesn't like to admit it, but he has a lot of "stuff."
I have fun stuff like dishes and linens and shells and crafts.
He has BIG stuff like machinery and cars and of course a lot of tools.
You see, he's a "Mr. Fix-It" just kinda comes with the title.

One of the things he loves to do is to work with wood.
Because of this, he has just about every woodworking tool known to mankind. 
Some he's acquired himself and some are from my father.
You see, my father was the original woodworker in our family...and he had tools.
Tools and tools and tools.
That was his business so he was always trying out the latest and greatest.

So, to store all the stuff treasures, my husband needed a place to handle everything
... and a space to work with his hobbies.

Do you see that grey building at the back of the property?
Yep, that's his shop.

It's kinda his pride and joy.
Here is the side view...

It's a great space for him to do "his thing."

Big enough for storage, a workshop area, or as I see it, a "Barn Dance Hall!"
I'm excited for him, he's wanted this space f.o.r.e.v.e.r.

Up next...interior paint.


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