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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Exterior Copy Cat

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery," so the saying goes.

Remember the porch from this post?
The blue ceilings...they just make me smile.
And as an added bonus, they are supposed to keep the wasps away.
{The wasps think it's sky and they won't build their nests there!}

So, here I am...admitting to the entire world wide web...
I'm a Big Ol' Copy Cat.

Here's the proof.

Yep, I'm painting the porch ceilings "Lauren's Surprise" from the Sherwin Williams paint collection.
It's very calming, the softest blue, and guess, what? no wasps!
You don't see the ceiling until you're on the's kinda subtle...still makes me smile.

Then there is the whole front doors issue like the inspiration house:

There are four sets of doors, transoms, and full shutters across the front of this home. Isn't it a great look?
 Can you imagine being in one of those interior rooms and just opening the doors to the front porch?
...breezes, curtains flowing, fresh air...

Well, when my budget reality set in, we looked for an alternative. 
We decided on plain windows and trim to mimic the doors.
The shutters were a must...I think they complete the look.

Here's the front painted "Pure White" {Sherwin Williams} and the double entry doors.

And here are the shutters.

If you squint your eyes, they kinda look like doors, right?
ha, ha

Then painted, "Respose Gray" {Sherwin Williams}

It's a start.

Oh and by the way, 
look who's moved in...

Yep, it's a wasp.
Go figure.

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  1. Oh, your home is delightful! I would say the picture is the inspiration and that you put your own spin on it! And you know what I was told about painting the ceiling blue? It keeps spirits away! That was told to me when I was house hunting in Charleston. So maybe that is why the wasps are there... they are the least bit disturbed by spirits!! LOL


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