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Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Today's post is about cabinets. 
aka...places to store "stuff".

Our current house is great, however each room is very "boxy",
just four walls, with very little storage.

The problem is...I have stuff.
I think it's in my DNA.
My grandmother had stuff,
my mother has stuff,
my sister has stuff.
Gotta be in my genes, right?!

All this to say, we ended up purchasing units from IKEA
 and worked with base cabinets from Home Depot to store all our treasures in our current home.

 When we were designing this new home, we tried to use all available space.
We wanted things to be handy, a user friendly home.
We knew the cabinets would be built on site, so my husband got out his draft paper and started planning.
{The drawing, above is his work, it's for the den.}
Can you guess what will be behind the right shutter?
Yep, a TV.
He's so smart.
So what's behind the shutters on the right?
More room for stuff.

Ok, now here's my drawing.
{don't laugh}

I know...pretty bad,
but because I'm such a visual person,
I needed to draw out each room so that I could "see" how things would actually look.
This drawing is for the laundry room.

As things progressed, lumber was delivered.

and the work began.

The trim guys are good, aren't they?
Looks very similar!

The guys basically built all the boxes...

and then installed them.
{These units are also in the den.}

Here's the laundry room, the natural light from the windows really brightens the room.

This shot is of the butler's pantry.
It can be seen from the dining room, as it leads you into the kitchen.
The doors on these cabinets will be glass.

This shelving is in my office.

And this box is right by the laundry room.
It will be a handy spot for putting on or taking off shoes.
{There will be a lid.}

We wanted our master bedroom to be relaxing so we opted for very simple furnishings.
We plan on making the headboard to match our two night-stands.
They are very simple...but with two drawers for books and such.
We'll have another shelving unit for books and our TV, but that's it.
No dresser, no chest of drawers.
Instead, we opted for all storage to be in the master closet.
We made it large enough to put this unit inside.

This is my side of the bathroom...a sink, vanity, and storage.
My husband's is on the other side...the tub is separating the two vanities.

This shot is of the foyer with its planked walls.
{There will be a transom install above the doorway.}

And now for the kitchen.
This is a shot from the den looking into the kitchen.
The largest section on the left is for the refrigerator,
the middle section is for the range and hood.
The sink will be in the middle of the island, looking into the den.

This shot is taken from the breakfast area into the kitchen.
If you follow the long back wall, you can see the butler's pantry at the end.
The cabinet that is jutting out on the left is for the microwave.
This island will also house the dishwasher.

This is an updated picture of the range hood and doors ready to be hung.

I've always loved plate racks, so we thought this was a good spot to store dishes.
The open space above the rack is also for displaying dishes and such.
I'm thinking this would be a great seasonal shelf.

And finally, back to the exterior,
trim was installed above the windows and front door.

The trim and cabinets make such a difference!
It's really starting to feel like a real home.
Stay tuned!


  1. I love it all! You have so many wonderful places for that genetic stuff disease of yours. I really love the use of beadboard, and once again am realllly studying that trim over the windows.

  2. SHARLOTTE, SHARLOTTE, SHARLOTTE!!! It's beautiful. I just love it!


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