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Saturday, April 13, 2013


yes thrilled to see the trim, walls, and cabinets painted.
Makes me feel that things are really progressing.
Progressing to the point that this project is over-the-proverbial-bump,
that it's progressing to the point that it's soon to be our new home.

The trim above the exterior windows were completed.

 And above the front door.

Here's the shot of the front with the shutters painted and secured.
My goal was to have a horizontal line from the windows to doors...extra trim needed to be added to the door.
In the space directly above the door transom, we're going to add the house address, thanks to a suggestion from my mother...she always has good ideas!

Another goal on the front was to replicate the look of French doors...
I think we're fairly close.

Things were busy, busy in the house.
See all those drawers?
My trim guy just cringed...he had already put all the drawer glides on them, but the painters took them off.

Those drawers belong in the kitchen...

...but they all went back just fine, with a little adjustment.
Trim: Sherwin Williams Pure White


Walls: Sherwin Williams, Eider White.

Up next: a few details


  1. You have L.O.T.S. of storage! Don't know how you'll ever fill it all up! Oh, but wait. Yes I do!

  2. It's really looking good Sharlotte. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  3. Hi Sharlotte - I absolutely love your interiors! I selected the Cambria Torquay countertop for my kitchen and I am trying to find the right paint color... did you paint your cabinets the same color as the trim? My apologies if you already answered this and I missed it.

  4. Hi there! I am currently trying to decide with a trim color to use with Eider White. Do you think there's enough contrast between eider and pure white? My other option is SW Extra White. I'm having the hardest time with this! Thanks

  5. I was looking up Eider White because I wanted to see how it looked and am so happy to find that you mixed it with pure white! I feel safer using it now that I have seen it in your home. I am using it on shiplap in my bath with white shower and trim. Above the shiplap will be drywall in the Sherwin Williams color Mink. I am really hoping it comes off as peaceful as I think it will. Thank you for posting, it has really helped me feel so much more comfortable with my own choices!


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