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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Money Pit...

I love this movie.

It's light-hearted, funny, and stars Tom Hanks.
I love Tom Hanks.

Just look at  this scene:

You just can't help but laugh!

Well...this is about where I am today.
No, we're not remodeling a home
what else can you do when things are out of your hands?
You gotta laugh!
{I'll wait, go back and watch it know you want too!!}

I think I'm a bit delirious with trying to keep subs working,
and trying to finish this new house,
and packing  my old house
and dealing with title companies who can't find certain paperwork.

So when my husband and I are
both feeling like this:


We try to be positive and tell each other that,
it's going to be great.


It's going to be great, right?

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  1. I loved that movie! We used to call our first house The Money Pit after that movie. Just hang in there. After all, remember the last part where he reminds them that it's all about the foundation. Since you laid that foundation, you know it's all good.

    And I loved catching up on the tile and the windows. LOVE LOVE LOVE the windows!


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