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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's the personality and perseverance.

For as long as I remember,
I have always been fascinated with Galveston, Texas.

I remember visiting as a child...
not so much in playing at the beach
visiting the shops and restaurants
 and just plain sightseeing.

Yes, the beach was also a favorite, 
but since we were usually not staying the night,
there wasn't a place to wash that inevitable sand out of our suits.
So, we just looked from afar.
I must admit, 
there's nothing like the sea breeze.

Galveston has quite a history...the 1900 storm was tragic.
If you're not familiar with the story, click here.
Talk about perseverance...

These images have been ingrained in my brain...

But they learned lessons.
Like building a seawall,

and raising the grade of the city.

Just amazing.

Various other storms blew through the area
such as Katrina, Rita, and Ike.

And during these seasons, we evacuated as instructed by local officials.
It was such a scary time:
boarding up windows, 
putting furniture up in case of flooding, 
having a ration of supplies,
taking valuables and important documents.
Isn't it all important?

Thankfully, our current home didn't have much structural damage, but Galveston was once again devastated.
Buildings and houses were flooded, historic sites washed away.
And once again, the citizens rebuilt.
Just amazing.

Well, it was on the last evacuation, (while sitting in 22+ hours of bumper to bumper evacuees),
 that I decided that we were moving.
Moving far enough away so that I didn't have to worry about flooding and the danger of hurricanes.

However, after a few years and the humongous cleanup, one tends to forget (kinda like childbirth.)
We were tempted to buy a historic home in one of our favorite cities.

Something like this...

Beautiful, isn't she?

...the front porch and the baby blue ceiling...

...hexagon tiles in the bathroom...

...the transoms, trim, the pocket doors...

Oh...we were tempted. 
It was in perfect condition, a little drafty, a little pricey, but with a history right?

But then we considered this...

 nope, those stairs were not in our plan.

So we thought about plan B...
and thought about a loft like this: 

We'd be up a few floors, high and dry...
but that posed another problem.
You see we have this little one,

...and taking her out at all hours wasn't very appealing either.
However, those interior brick walls were beautiful!
Maybe we could teach her to press the elevator buttons?
Just kidding.

All this to say, we wanted to move, to get out of harms way,
 but obviously Galveston wasn't the best place for us.
So we began planning...
There could be a plan C.
Stay tuned!


  1. What Charm! If I had to choose it would be very difficult. I love the character of the first house but the stairs....yes, very difficult in later years. Such beauty on the coast. It is amazing how quickly folks can build back after such terrible storms... Another eye catching post...Blessings!

  2. Beautiful, indeed! I love the light blue ceiling on the porch. A lot of the old Charleston homes are painted much the same way.

  3. I can see why you were tempted by that house. It's a dream! So excited to hear all about Plan C...


  4. And just think, it's almost time for the Galveston tour of homes! Can't wait to see what's in store this year! Beautiful posts. Lots of great ideas... that I never get tired of...

  5. Oh, how I am drawn to that gorgeous historic one!! Like you, though, I am starting to look at stairs, which I have always loved, very differently.

    I hope you share plan C!!


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