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Saturday, March 23, 2013

New Home...Part 4

This is a post in a series, if you're interested in reading from the beginning, click here.

One of the fun things of building your own home is shopping for everything you need!
Really, everything.
It's a bit overwhelming but on the other hand it's kinda been a game 
to find things that we love within our budget!

It was a bit early to put up lighting, but we just had to see if this light was going to work.
{We're going for that vintage look, 
with a bit of French Acadian thrown in the mix.}

Size? - check
Height? - check
Style? - check
Color? - check 
Using the roofing as our color guide, we've decided on black accents in lighting and hardware.

Ok, back to reality...the sheet rock stage.

We were excited to see real walls and get a good feel for the actual size of the room.s

This is a shot of the breakfast area overlooking the back porch and yard.
Did you notice the electrical plug? 
They are placed low and horizontal...I'm hoping this will help hide cords.

This is the den...

...and taken from the foyer into the den.

This shot is taken from the breakfast area into the kitchen.

And finally, on the exterior,
the decking was completed for the porches.

Up next, trim and...

more brick!


  1. Brilliant idea about the outlets! I absolutely hate cords showing. I do everything I can to camouflage them.

    And more brick. I really and truly love that part.
    The fixture looks perfect too.

    Debbie shalt not covet her blog neighbor's house...(Saying that in my head a hundred times.)

  2. Looks great! You can tell now how it's all going to be. All the windows are wonderful.

    We built our last house in Oklahoma and did the same thing with many of the plugs. It does help. Now we are in a new house that the builder made all the decisions for...I just have to wonder about the plugs.

  3. How exciting Sharlotte! Everything is looking really good. I love the porch lighting. It is just perfect. What pleasure in building your own home. I know it is difficult but such joy to complete it at a more reasonable price and the pleasure of doing the work yourself. Blessings and keep on posting those updates!

  4. All your hard work, effort, organizing, etc. etc. etc. is well worth it! It's looking BEE-UUUU-TEE-FUL!


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