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Friday, March 22, 2013

New Home...Part 3...

This is a post in a series, if you'd like to read from the beginning of this series, click here.

After the walls and roof decking were in place, 
we were ready for our house to be completely in the "dry".

Our inspiration house had a metal roof.

We checked into it, but it was not in our budget.
We considered putting on a partial metal roof but we just couldn't get the right look.
We drove neighborhoods looking at various roofing but didn't find anything that we felt would work.
So, we decided on a composite shingle.
The color is charcoal...this would begin the accents of black throughout the interior and exterior.

The back view...

Siding and windows were next. 

Those front windows are on their way to being "mock" French doors. I originally wanted the doors to be exactly like the inspiration house, but again, for budgetary reasons, we decided to modify the front.
(It will make more sense in a bit.)

Garage doors and trim were complete...
windows and doors were installed.

Mechanicals were put in place:



and HVAC.

Did you see the flooring in the photo above?
Yep...that's brick.
We didn't want wood in the laundry room so we opted for brick.
I just love it!

We also added a bit to the master bedroom.

 A few interior rooms were insulated...

while the majority of the insulation was blown in.

Are you still with me? 
I know, that was a long post!

Sheetrock is next!


  1. I love plan C! I love plan C!!!
    I love the inspiration house and this is so fun to me. I have been so AWOL as you probably know, and then I just got back from a roadtrip so I am just getting caught up. I have read every post that I missed and love this.

    My favorite thing WAS the windows until I saw the brick floor. That is going to look so "old" and wonderful.

    This is such a great way to go about having the historical charm that you love without all of the things that make it impractical.

    I am sitting here on the brick floor waiting for the next installment.

  2. BTW, you have given me a whole new dream. I had given up on the idea of restoring an old house, but maybe there is still hope build building a new/old one someday.


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