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Monday, March 11, 2013

If only...part 2

In continuing with possible repurposing, 
this home was also listed on our local real estate site.

Isn't she a beauty? 
I love all the personality.
Each May, around Mother's Day, the Galveston Historical Society hosts a historical home tour. 
Believe it or not, this one was on the this condition.
Being historical home junkies,
 the trio {my mother, sister, and I},
we were not deterred by her appearance. 

Just look at this view!
Apparently, there had been a fire...

and various uninvited guests that used this as a "simple" shelter.

But, can't you just see the potential?
She's just waiting for someone to restore her to her former glory.

The Galveston Historical Society has done a bit of work
 and has the house on the market for
Again, way out of my budget, 
a great project  for restoration.

I love this shot because in some of the restorations,
if you're lucky,
original pieces are found hiding in attics or behind walls.
When these original pieces are replaced,
you can almost feel the old "gal" smiling...
her "jewelry" is back!

Wouldn't this be a great window to read by or to view the Gulf?
Oh...the possibilities...

If only...


  1. Oh how I hope someone will buy and restore that house. How beautiful she is!

  2. I am swooning over this one.. she is a beauty and would be a definite project. Can you imagine what she would look like..The details..I hope you find what you want soon. Blessings!


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