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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Home - Exterior

Our drive out to the new home is about an hour away. 
We have our benchmarks along the way:
1/4 of the way is that large multicolored building,
1/2 of the way is the transition to the next interstate,
3/4 of the way...progressions of small communities,
and finally...our exit.
I always have to remind myself, as I exit the interstate,
...No Speeding...
even though you're excited to be there.
Speed limit is 55 mph on the access road.
Relax and breathe,
you're almost there.

Then each time as we round the corner, 
I always anticipate what we'll see.
Did the subs show up?
Did they begin/finish on schedule?
You just never know...they are sometimes on "their own schedule":
Monday really means Wednesday...
Tuesday really means Thursday...
and Wednesday...usually means the following Monday.

I just retired from teaching and our timing was of utmost importance...really.
If you were 1-2 minutes late to a meeting, someone was on the phone looking for you.
So, coming from that profession and taking on this project has been a lesson in patience...
and yes, I've adapted. I've become a fairly laid-back person.
I've just learned to ask the right questions (to ease my OCD nature)
 and to be very thankful for all the progress so far.

All that to say, we just never really know what has happened over the past 24 hours with the house.
But, boy oh boy were we thrilled to see this stage...

The primer is a little grey but it was very close to the final color.
and a great transition from the Hardi primer.

By the way, that 40 yard dumpster...
It's so great!
It holds sooo much stuff!
Can I even put any more exclamation marks so show my love for this thing??!!
Kinda distracts from the view, but I'm ok with that..
it's well worth it...
it's handy in keeping the place picked up and tidy!

Until next time,
{the OCD contractor}

This is a post in a series, if you're interested in starting at the beginning, click here.

And just as a's the
inspiration house...we're getting there!

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