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Sunday, March 10, 2013

If only...

I love vintage buildings.
I love it when historical teams take a place at it's current state and give it new life.
Perhaps a new purpose...perhaps this same.

Looking through real estate listings this afternoon, this one just make me think...
...if only.

This one is on the market in one of my favorite cities, Galveston, Texas.
It's listed for $1,049,900.
Yes, way out of my budget, 
what if a group bought it and turned it into
an event center
or perhaps
bed and breakfast?

Just look at the potential!

It doesn't look like too much needs to be done structurally with this beauty...
if only.


  1. That building could be such a beautiful space, if only. And repurposing it could bring life to its old bones. Maybe someone will see its potential soon.

  2. If only.. is right! Love it!


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