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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


It's officially SPRING!

I love this time of year, well, Fall too...
hm...and the beginning of Winter...
well, beginning of Summer too!
Oh heck,
I just love them all,
except for the extremes.

Ok, Ok, back to this post...Spring is here in Texas.
It's in full bloom,
Our azaleas and lilies are showing their colors
it's just beautiful.

These lilies are one of my favorites.
They are off-shoots from great stock, my grandmother's lilies.
About 25 years ago I took a few bulbs and planted them in my yard. They thrived and multiplied.
So pretty.
Then we moved..
and I took about 10 bulbs with me to this house.
I made this bed for them and they are really happy to have their own special spot!
They just keep producing new crops and each one is just as pretty as the one before.

And guess what...?
I'll be taking them ALL to my new home. 
Yep, I'm going to leave the bed nice and clean,
ready for the new owners to put in their favorites!

Happy Spring to You! 

1 comment:

  1. I would take them too! We moved into this house
    last summer and I didn't end up getting to bring as much from the yard as I wanted. The truck filled up!


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