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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Plan C and a Part 1

This is a post in a series, if you missed previous posts, click here.

Ok, on to Plan C.
After falling head over heels for homes with character and a history, 
we decided to build our own "old" new home.

There were a few things that were "must haves" on our list:
a bit of land
one story
beautiful trim
interior brick
room for all of our "stuff" things
open floor plan
warm, comfy, and an inviting, relaxed feeling.

My mother saw this house in a magazine and casually sent it my way.
I was smitten at first sight.
After reading every single word about it and each credit,
we decided this was it.
We loved the exterior...
it would be our beginning.

No big deal, right?
Hm...where to begin?
We were a couple of smart folks,
our son was soon to be an accredited architect,
our other son was willing and able to do whatever we needed.

But as we read and read and read, 
we decided that this job was way too big for us, 
being novice home-builders and all.

So we called in the professionals.
We decided to use a custom home builder 
who would work along side us 
providing information at each step with qualified subcontractors.

Here was the plan:
We make all the decisions, 
pay all the bills, 
and call on the builder for advice.

So the process began.

We found a nice lot with a bit of land...

that had great personality...little trails and beautiful trees.

We cleared only what we needed...

and the forms began.

Plumbing and a few electricals were put in place...

and the slab was ready to be poured.

We were on our way!

Stay tuned for walls!

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