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Friday, June 22, 2012


I love transoms that were used for ventilation.
Aren't they great architectural pieces?
Today, transoms are mainly used for bringing in light and just because they're pretty, right?
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Just look at this beauty!
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In my new home, putting in transoms were on the "must have" list. Some will be on the exterior.

Southern Living inspiration home.
 On the interior, I wanted a vintage piece, one with a story, to add character to the home.
We searched high and low...talked to people "in the know"...
but no such luck.

We found beautiful pieces, laden with character, but the sizes were never quite right.
There was always plan "B", having someone make one for me.

There was a basic pattern I wanted:

I visted several stained glass shops, gathered a lot of information, and decided to go to with small studio in my hometown.

 His work was varied and beautiful.
We talked for a long time, sharing ideas {and stories} and during our discussion, he brought out several books with different designs. Did you know you can buy patterns with the pieces already cut? I didn't! Obviously, it's more cost effective to purchase the set than making each piece by hand.
I was looking for something similar to my drawing, but saw this instead.

The dimensions were was a packaged set (less expensive)... and beautiful.
Picture it in place of this interior transom...

Ideas for Southern Homes: Transom Windows

I think I love it.


  1. WOW, love it all. Such character in every piece. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. Now you've got me looking at the spaces above my doors to see if adding transoms would be a possiblity at some point in time....

  3. I love transoms. We added some in our home and the character and architectural detail really add so much to a home!


  4. I've always been fascinated by transoms, too...such a blessing to be able to include them in your new home. Thanks for the tour. Cherry Kay


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