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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Trade Days

There's a flea market about an hour from my home and I've never been to it...never.
To make matters worse, I pass by it 1-2 times a month and always say, "We need to go there sometime..."
Well last Friday was THE day.
I called the trio together and we headed out. The other two members live about 45 minutes from this place and they too have never been there!
Can you believe it?
(We dedicated shoppers that have passed this beaut by over and over and over?)
We were all ashamed.
So we planned our day; meeting time and place, and set out.
We have been missing such a great place to treasure hunt...we had soooo much fun!
There was shopping inside...

...and even chairs for weary husband-shoppers.

There were beautiful antiques...

...loads of furniture,

no, really, loads of furniture.

and outside vendors...

...ready for closer inspection.

Some pieces were hard to resist...

...really hard to resist.

(This pic is for my husband, he loves the tools.)

There were lush plants... and made of metal.

And, my favorite booth was this one:

It was like she stepped right out of Blogland.
Her things were beautiful and very reasonable.

As you can see, she's a fan of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint like most of us around here.
See, she could easily be a "Blogland Babe," but she's not! I tried to talk her into sharing her talents with her own personal blog...we'll see...

Do you see the clock in the picture above? precious. And can you tell that above that is an old bed spring supported by four vintage columns? so, so creative. Then, hanging from that old bed spring is the cutest wire basket lighting and the prettiest garden chandelier...ever.

The name of this sweet, sweet booth is Simple Blessings & A Junk Queen.
If you visit flea markets and happen to be in the Winne, Warrenton, or Round Top area, be sure to visit her. You won't be disappointed!

For more information about this flea market, click here.
The lightinging in this post is bad...I know...I'm getting really lazy and taking pics with my phone.


  1. So proud to be part of the "trio"! It was a great day, sore knee and all. Looking forward to going back. Got my eye on those Mexican Metal Marigolds!

  2. Wonderful! I would love a field trip there, but it would be quite a haul from Georgia. I do hope you convinced her to start a blog. She already has a cute name and everything. I love her style.


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