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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cutie Patootie!

My mother has a set of cups that are just precious!
They are from 1996 and part of the Limited Edition set.

This is the Miss Cutie cup.

{The Mr. Patootie cup is behind.}
I know...should have taken a picture of him too.
look what we found today while thrifting...
...their brother-in-law!

His bow tie is a different shade than the original set {he's not from the 1996 set} but he's still cute!

Just for fun, I started looking around to see if there is more to the set.
Yep, of course, E-bay has them and then I found more:
there is a cookie jar found here, a tea pot here, and a sugar and creamer here.

Now I have somethese else to put on my list to search for...Mr. Patootie's mate, Miss Cutie!


  1. Those ARE cute!!!!! I am putting them on my "Things to look for for other bloggers" list. If I find any that are different from what you already have, I'll give you a shout. What color is Mr. Cutie Patootie's tie?


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