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Thursday, June 7, 2012

June 13

Do you recognize this house?

Need another hint? more?

Give up?

Yep, it's the house that was used in scenes from the Dallas series. It's located outside of Dallas, Texas in a little town called Parker.
We visited over the weekend and actually got to tour the inside of the house!
The docent told us the filming never actually took place inside the home, in fact the family that privately owned the house actually lived there most of the time during filming!
Can you even imagine?
The cast and crew would spend about 3 months filming here and then the other months in California. Then the editors would splice the film together so that when the "family" moved in and out of the house, it would be seamless.
Here are a few shots from inside the home and the museum.

Even though the filming didn't actually take place inside the home, rooms have been "named" after a few characters. See if you can figure it out.

And of course, the Southfork logo appropriately placed on a decanter.

This was Jock Ewing's car... it was found under a pile of hay!

The property has been sold and purchased by a private investor and has kept the ranch as a working ranch. There is an event center that is available for parties, weddings, etc.
How fun would that be?

My favorite character was always Bobby...

Remember when the show had that really strange know, the year when Bobby was supposedly gone...and then Pam woke up and he was in the shower?

That about put me over the edge!
And JR?
I never liked him...I guess I joined with everyone else...he was just one I loved to hate.

I liked him much better as Major Nelson from I Dream of Jeannie!


After our tour we had a quick bite to eat at Ellie's.
What a neat idea, right?

It was a fun day...a stroll down memory lane!

 If you're ever in the Dallas area and you'd like more information, click here.
And...June 13th the series continues on TNT.
I'll be watching...after all, Bobby's back!


  1. I knew the house from the very first photo, but I didn't realize that they had turned it into a museum. That is so very cool, and I would definitely visit there if I came to that area.

  2. I have enjoyed the visit to Southfork. WOW! Seems forever ago! Did not know the series was coming back! Gotta check into that! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. Laa La Laaaaaaa... La Laa La La La La.... Can you follow that tune? Can't wait for Dallas! I've got it DVR'd. All episodes! Can't wait. And how fun to start out your season with an actual visit to Southfork!


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