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Monday, June 4, 2012

Chapter Two...

It's official...
...seems really hard to believe, I thought I'd teach forever.
the state requirements were met and the opportunity kinda fell in my lap.
So, after giving everything a lot of thought, I grabbed the "brass ring."
I decided to stop teaching.

These beautiful flowers were sent by my sweet family for my reception...just thought I'd share.

Aren't they breathtaking?
I was so touched when they were delivered to my classroom.
And, when I read their messages, the tears began.

So, now, when people ask me what I do...I can officially say,
I'm retired...
for now!


  1. Oh Sharlotte, CONGRATULATIONS!! I stopped so young that I'll never retire. I just faded away.

    Can't wait to join you on the next leg of your journey. Trust me, there is a lot of life after teaching, even for those who had it deep, deep down in the bones.

  2. So nice to retire sooo young! 29 years is nothing, right?! Here's to lots of time where YOU call the shots! Love you much!


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