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Saturday, June 19, 2010

One for the Boys!

This is not a typical post...not really girly things, only things for boys and well, their toys. This one is for my husband...and his hobby, saving vintage cars.

We have a deal, I basically get to do what I want in the house, he has the garage. I even gave up my parking place for him! Believe me, that was huge, especially on rainy days! We live in the heart of after house...postage size tree in the front yard...and a single car driveway. That's probably the least favorite.

My husband bought a corvette over 12 years ago. It's a 1978 Silver Anniversay {32 years old!} He says it's a special model  because it was the 25th Anniversay of the car {and... it has a really cool emblem on the hood and back.} I will be the very first one to admit that I know nothing about cars...I just like the way it looks.

When he bought it, it ran but needed a lot of work...air conditioning, new carpet, seats, door panels, etc. So today, June 19,'s almost finished! Just a bit more tweaking here and there and she's ready to roll!

Then about a month ago, he bought another vintage car, a 1967 Camero {43 years old!} He bought this one because it was the first year they made Cameros. He said it was a project for him and our youngest son. Well, since our youngest is about to go off to college, I am a bit skeptical about that! I know that he just wanted another project...this I understand! But because we have a deal, I don't say a word because after all, it fits in the "his" garage.

This one needs a little work too!

Yep, that's the hood.
{Ok, for all the girls out you see that chest of drawers behind the hood? That's my new project. This belonged to my grandfather...he stored all his clock/watch things in there. My plan is to sand it down and repaint it. I want to replace the formica countertop with a different surface, one made of wood that I'd also like to stain. I think it would be perfect for a buffet in a different house ~hint, hint~ and super for storage!}

So this is the way our driveway usually a parking lot. It takes a little planning...on who needs to leave first and such, but it's workable.

We love our home but in a couple of years we hope to move to a place with a bit more space. This home has been great for raising children and is in a great location. However, as empty nesters, we're ready for a change, a place for all our hobbies!

Happy Father's Day!


  1. I think you are wonderful! Does HE know how lucky he is? xx's

  2. i have probably showed this to you before, but this site is always a great source of inspiration for before/after projects. just scroll through and see all the furniture transformations!

  3. what fun seeing this - looks like you are always in a car shuffle at your house! I so admire anyone who can transform a car and make it look brand new again - what talent! Great photos too!


  4. How cute... the lineup in the driveway! :) Loving that corvette. I had a 1975 corvette when I was 22. Many years have past since then, but I still remember it fondly.


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