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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Do you have a stack of fabric sitting around?

I have a very small stack, I'm not a true seamstress...I just piddle.

I've been working on beachy crafts so I thought I'd make a few napkins for a place setting.

I chose the fabric and cut each napkin square.

This fabric frays easily so I thought I'd just let them fray. To keep it from completely unraveling though, I sewed one straight line at 5/8" from each edge.

Then frayed the edges!

So easy!

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  1. Perfect and then you can have napkins any color you need!

  2. Hi Sharlotte,
    Very cute napkins and thanks for the tutorial.

    I might just have to try it!


  3. these are just adorable! My Mom used to have an entire roomfull of fabric - it was amazing. me - I just have a roomful full of yarn~~~


  4. They look fabulous. I love the frayed edge. Great tutorial. Hugs, Marty

  5. I like the napkins a lot! Never thought about sewing that one straight line to keep it from fraying any more than you wanted it to. Thanks for sharing. Also, check out my blog. I have a sweet giveaway going on. Have a blessed day. Cindy

  6. I sooo wish i could do that!!!

  7. These are sooo cute! Very beachy! I will have to see more of your creations.
    BTW, thanks for your sweet comment!


  8. Those turned out so cute and very beachy! I need one of those boards with the measurements on it!


  9. Some how or another I tend to collect these random pieces of fabrics. I have tons of "projects" rolling around in my head... just need some motivation!
    I love your easy sew napkins! Fantastic!
    Dee Dee


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