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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Where have you been all my life?

Oh my goodness! I received the BEST tool for hot gluing! My sister found it online and not only bought one for me, but also for herself! She hasn't used hers yet, but I sure have! And I. LOVE. IT! I think you will too! You can order your own set here.

I took a few pictures so you'll know you're on the right link...

It says, "No Burns", "Easy Clean Up", "Heat Resistant" and it's all true! The mat can be rolled up for easy storage and there are other tools as well! The best part? The glue doesn't stick to any of it! It can simply be wiped off! {I was currently using an old bread board ~ it was such a mess, so much so that I would be too embarrassed to post a picture of it!} This kit is a bright flamingo pink, pliable, and super easy to use.

Just wanted to share!


  1. I need to find one of those, and I'm positive that my mom would love one too.

    Now, I know that I followed you here, but you are not coming up on my blogger page. I can't figure out what's wrong. I'm having all kinds of computer problems these days. UGH. I totally missed some great posts like the one with the coffee filter wreath. That looks great.

  2. What a nifty little tool. I could really use one of those! Thanks for your sweet comments!


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