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Sunday, August 18, 2013

This Little Light of Mine

Welcome to another week of transformations!
I'm joining Susan over at Between Naps on the Porch for her 
Drop by for loads of inspiration!

My husband and I rescued this light from the trash....
the trash.

Now, I've never rescued anything from the side of the road before, 
after finding this beauty, 
I'm keeping my eyes open for treasures being tossed!

This big guy was complete with wiring, glass panels, and even light bulbs...
yes...all in working order.

Just look at all that personality!

And I had the perfect spot, ready for a bit of illumination.
Although first it needed a good cleaning,
a couple coats of silver paint, 
and a really strong bracket to hold it in's really heavy.

So here it is in its new home,
my master bath.
It really casts a warm glow in the room.

And during the day, it's pretty to look at and
I think it adds so much to the general character of our home.
As an added plus, the painted finish matches really well with the other "purchased" fixtures.
It was a great find and even better for the budget!

Thanks for dropping by.
See you soon for a summer tablescape!


  1. Oh my goodness! Your 'FREE from the TRASH' lamp ended up looking amazing and with a new life in such a great spot in the ceiling of your tub! Have a lovely week.

  2. Oh I LOVE it!! I can't tell you how much I want something pretty hanging over our tub. Do you know what we have? A vent and an ugly recessed light!!

    And btw, your beautiful kitchen was the chat of the Sunday afternoon table. My mom, sister, and I all gave it thumb's up!!

  3. Oh I adore "this little light of mine". can't beat FREE! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. Sharlotee, "this little light of yours"... is my absolute favorite! Soooo cute! And sooooo original!!! You've got a great eye!


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