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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Home Tour - Laundry Room

Hi is the final part of our tour.
It's also one of my favorite rooms because it's a cozy place to be when "working".
It's the Laundry Room.
I know, that sounds really weird.
But...the laundry room in my previous home was a matchbox. 
Walk to it and back out.
So when we were planning this space, I wanted to make sure it was a usable space.

This is probably my favorite shot.
I love all the storage...and unlike the kitchen, this storage is being used.

It's great for tall items like vacuums, mops, and brooms.
This shot is actually from the far wall...but I think it gives a good perspective.
To the left is the entrance to the hallway that leads to the bedrooms and kitchen.
To the right is the door to the exterior.

Having a sink has already proven to be invaluable. 
It's great when our puppy has muddy feet or when you just need to hand wash items.
The farm sink has a front apron which is also comfortable when working.
If I could change one thing, it would be to add a sprayer. 
It's amazing how much you miss it when you are used to having one.

The washer and dryer were brought from our previous home.  
They are fine for now, although they are probably not the most efficient machines.
The cabinets above make detergent and cleaning materials easy to access.

The opposite wall stores our freezer. 
This storage isn't completely filled, however it does a great job holding miscellaneous things
like trash bags, dog food, and my husbands "drop off" point.

One of my favorite parts about this room is its easy maintenance.
The flooring is actually "Old Chicago" brick...similar in color and texture to the rest of the brick in the home. However, the brick company recommended it over the exterior/wall brick due to it's durability. 
Apparently it's stronger and can take "walking on" better than the other.
Who knew?
Anyway, it's super easy to maintain...just wet mop or vacuum.

Thanks so much for following along on the "finished" product.
"Finished"...ha...we all know that isn't really true.
It will be fun to compare these pic to ones taken later to see things that have changed.

If you have any questions about anything mentioned in the tour or about our experience, just let me know in the comments or my email.
I'll be glad to share!


  1. I was waiting for the brick floor room. I remember when you put it in. I love this!!

    It's so clean and open looking. It would even make me want to do laundry. (OK, maybe not WANT to, but it would make the need to more enjoyable.)

  2. What's not to love about that beautiful room? The floor, the cabinets, the whole look is wonderful!

  3. Sharlotte, I love your laundry room, too. The brick floor and all the white is just lovely, lovely, lovely! Can't wait to see the next "topic" of your Friday posts! Love reading your blog. I just want to step right into your home and have a cup of coffee!

  4. Sharlotte, what a glamorous laundry room!! I love the floor and all of the storage! My laundry is not tiny (not as large, as yours), but it is not well organized and I wish I could redesign the whole thing. Maybe, another day - lol!!


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