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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Home Tour - Den

Hi everyone!
Welcome back to our home,
today we're visiting The Den.

If you've been following awhile, you know that the den started out looking like this:

and this:

The main purpose of even taking all these shots and posting about the house is for documentation. We wanted to "see" and review all the stages of the building process. Since it was our first project, we were learning along the way. And boy, learning we did. IF we were to ever do it again, we'd know a lot more.
Things would most likely be easier and we'd do some things a bit differently.
However, " is what it is..." and it's finished.
Well, the building is finished.
But that's the fun part, right?

Okay, on with the tour,
and The Den.

 As you can see, there is a lot of natural light from both the front and back of the house.
Here the transom is doing it's job, allowing the light through from the front.
You can see the view into the foyer and dining room.
The brick corner niche is a spot for storage and another small seating area.

It's great seeing this perspective through a camera lens. I can definitely tell what areas need a little tweaking.

This shot shows the pocket doors in the closed position. It's great to be able to shut these at night so that we feel a little less exposed from the front of the home.
Plus, being closed, it adds a little coziness.

This is the view into the kitchen. 
The back yard is through the doors on the left. The foyer is to the right. 
I'm really glad we added the brick walls. Since we've "lived" here a while, they add warmth to the home. We always knew we wanted brick walls, but didn't know exactly the best spot. Thankfully, the architect placed them in perfect areas. I think it looks like the house was a really old house and rooms were added on to modernize it.
What do you think?

As darkness settles in, this is a partial view from the back of the house.

Can you see those two trees in the back? We tried our best to save them during construction. You see, they have grown together. The trunk on the left is no longer living, the trunk on the right is alive and well. Beside these trees is a little trail to the back of the property. You can see our grass is growing steadily, the beds have maintained themselves during this hot, hot summer.

The back wall of The Den is a bank of windows. I couldn't get a shot during the sunny day, but here you can see that behind these curtains are the windows. The double door leads to the back porch.
These curtains are the same I've used throughout the home, they are from IKEA.
They are simple, really add to the casual feeling of the home.

In this shot you can see the rest of that back wall and the closed cabinets which house the television. My husband didn't want the TV over the fireplace, so he designed the cabinets with shutter doors. 
It really is user friendly.

Since we both crave symmetry, the other side of the fireplace has the closed storage as well.

Of course they can be opened too...

Thanks again for visiting and following the progress of our home.
If you have any questions in the building process, just ask. 

Stay tuned, next part of the tour is The Kitchen.


  1. Your home is beautiful. I cannot imagine how great it is with all the light shining through when the curtains are open...excited to see the kitchen. Blessings!

  2. Sharlotte, I REALLY like your new den, especially the fireplace/bookcase wall with the doors that close. The brick wall is wonderful and does add a coziness to the room. Looking forward to seeing your kitchen. Have a good weekend.
    xo Babs

  3. Beautiful, Sharlotte! My favorites are the shutters on each side of your fireplace, the TRANSOM, the interior brick, and overall your monochromatic colors... it's so serene!

  4. I'm so behind that I not only missed a table, I missed a room tour! I love every single thing about this room. I'm a huge fan of symmetry too (and don't like a TV over the fireplace either). I love what you did with the shelves and shutters flanking the fireplace. I also just love the brick walls and the transom and the pocket door. This is SUCH a beautiful home!


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