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Sunday, August 4, 2013

New Little Visitors

Our yard is beginning to green, a nice transition from the sandy soil from building.
We seeded about a month ago and under a careful, watchful eye of my husband, we're seeing grass.
You know what's next, right?
It's kinda funny, isn't it? 
You seed for grass,
watch it grow,
you mow it down.
It's a funny world.

Anyway, about the same time as seeding, we put up bird feeders. 
We see and hear quite a few birds flying around, but none were venturing close to the house for a snack.
...until about a week ago...
We now have a family of cardinals that visit a couple times a day.

(This picture was taken with my phone zoomed all the's a little fuzzy. But I was so excited to actually see a little visitor that I ran over to the window and snapped a picture!)

Now, I'm not an expert birdwatcher, but it appears to be one male and as my husband says, 
"...the male and his harem."
I'll bet there are about 7-8 female cardinals that fly in with the one brightly colored male!
Unless they are young males and just haven't brightened yet.
Hm...we'll just have to see.

And guess who else has found our feeders?
Yep, the acrobat himself,
Mr. Squirrel.

It's hard to tell, but he's upright, hanging on to the left feeder with his front paws,
 and then still attached to the main pole with his back paws. 
He's very limber and very smart.

Here is another shot:
Mr. Squirrel, a female, and Mr. Cardinal.
They seem to be friendly,
sharing the snacks...
and all the while just chirping and chattering.

Before I close this post, I had to show these flowers, Purple Cone Flowers.
They are blooming and enjoying their new spot.

It's such a joy watching them grow and change.
Just look at these,

...this is one plant! Can you even believe it!! I'm so excited!
Just look at the different stages of their growth!
(I know that was too many exclamation points but I'm just super excited about these flowers.)

As an "adult", the flower almost turns inside out.
The "button" transformation is my favorite part.
And guess what I saw today?
A hummingbird.
Guess what attracted him?
The button part of this flower.
Guess what else?
I had an "artificial" hummingbird feeder for him and guess what he likes better? 
The natural nectar over my sugar water.
Ha! Imagine that...
Lovely, lovely nature...
often imitated, never duplicated.

Thanks so much for dropping by and reading about my little visitors.
For those of you with mature, beautiful yards, I know this is all silly news.
But for me, with a brand-new-yard, I was just too excited to see all the new developments,
I just had to share!


  1. So basically, it looks like you have opened a bird brothel...

    Love the way your new lawn is coming together. My definition of a lawn that works is one that attracts the birds. (OK, it's also one that mows itself, but I haven't found that kind yet.)

  2. Love, love, love! Bird watching is so fun! What a reminder of how God takes care of us and how He doesn't want us to worry... the little birds certainly don't worry!


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