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Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Lesson to be Learned...

Ok all you thrifty shoppers...I learned a lesson today that I'm sure you've already mastered: When you see something at a thrift shop that you're interested in, GRAB IT!

To begin my story, let me begin at the beginning...
I have had the best time reading everyone's blogs. AND I've been inspired to do a little thrift store shopping myself. So, today I took a little trip to visit my mother and we went shopping. That's right, thrift store shopping. As luck would have it, the first store we explored had a lot of things - but, nothing really caught our eye - until we were leaving. Sitting upon a little white shelf was an antique oak mirror. I looked at it, turned it around and thought, "This is just too good to be true!" but then I reasoned, " know, we're just beginning our day, I come back and pick it up later."

Well, do you want to finish this story?
I'll bet you can.
We went back to get the little mirror and....that's right, it was gone. I was so disappointed!

As it turned out, the day wasn't a total loss. I found these cute things and my mother and I had a great time spending the day together.

These will be so versatile.

This is the beginning of a new collection.

And these little guys are just cute!

I wasn't even thinking about Christmas yet these little drums just jumped into my cart - all four for $1.00!

It was a good day - lesson learned.


  1. Lesson learned. Other lesson is there will always be something just a lovely down the road. Nice to have a shopping buddy too.

    End of the week blessings, Candy


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