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Friday, July 24, 2009

Book Bus

I was on the road the other day and I saw something that I hadn't see in many years, a Book Bus. (Is that what it used to be called? I can't remember.) I took this picture (while driving) so it's not the best picture but I wanted to document that these mobile autos are still bringing literature to the masses!

I have such fond memories of visiting one of these when I was in elementary school. Our teacher had the arrival date on the board and we all waited in anticipation for it to arrive. And when it did, we would line up "single file" and venture inside the wonderful world of books where anything was possible. I can practically smell the booksy aroma this little library held - and the promise of something new and exciting.

Where was this bus heading?...oh the possibilities...

(post was called a "Book Mobile" - thanks, Ralph


  1. I LOVED the book mobile! I'm so glad to see they are still around!

  2. Oh, I saw the butterfly right off, even before you gave the answer. Love the cobalt blue mosaic which makes for a great gift with happy memories.

    Thanks for coming by to see 'the show' ;-)

    Blue Blessings, Candy


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