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Tuesday, September 15, 2015


My nature is to hurry up and finish a project.
I suppose it's from having a demanding full-time job
and raising a family.
Well, that's my excuse.
Now that I'm retired, there's really no reason to maintain
that "hurry up" attitude.
One of my favorite movies is You've Got Mail.
I love the scene, towards the end of the movie, when Meg Ryan is finally meeting "NY512".
She's starts walking really fast, then slows herself down...
 she literally has to put her hands out to slow herself and her steps.

That's me.
I have to constantly remind myself to just slow down and enjoy the moment.
So here's my redo of a photo from this post.
I think it captures the softness of the roses placed in the blush amphora.
I love the contrast of the lace and wooden drawer as well as the mother-of-pearl seashell.
Of all the flowers in my yard...
these miniatures are my favorites.
That's why you might see an abundance of them in my photos! I dare say it?
Do you take the time to smell the roses?
Check out this article from Berkley.


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