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Monday, September 28, 2015

A little vacation...

I took a few days and visited a favorite destination.
Want to guess? got me...
the beach.
Yep, it's a favorite.
And...we just happen to have one fairly close.
You've most likely heard of Galveston, but have you heard of Bolivar Peninsula?
It's a small stretch of land that almost connects to Galveston.
And if you're traveling from Galveston to the peninsula, you get to take a ferry.
Yep...pretty neat.
And guess who also likes the ride?
...these guys.
They are a hoot.
I love their attitudes.
Yep...just hanging out because
you know, they're on beach time.
And when you see the 1852 lighthouse,
you know you're almost there.
Where do you like to travel for quick get-aways?


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