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Friday, September 4, 2015

Essential Oils...

Have you used essential oils?
I'm just beginning and so far, I'm liking them.
The starter kit has 10 oils and a diffuser.
I love my diffuser.
For example, there are times where there is a funky smell in my laundry room...
not sure where it's coming from.
My house is about 2 years old, so age isn't the problem.
However, we have old bricks {that are not sealed} as the flooring...
I'm assuming that's the problem.
Using diffuser zaps the smell issue fast.
Sometimes, I just want to freshen my house.
Yep, you guessed it...
the diffuser is my tool.
How does it work?
See the white "egg" looking object on the right side of the photo above?
Just remove the purple top, add distilled water to the fill line, and add 1- 3 drops of your favorite oil.
Plug it in, turn it on, and that's it!
There are even two settings...continuous diffusing or 30 second intermittent diffusing.
Another great feature is that it turns itself worries!
My favorite oil?
Stress Away
It's has such a unique scent...I use it diffused all over the house.
It makes me feel relaxed...stress free!
I'm trying other uses for the oils as well...I going to make foaming hand soap!
Do you use essential oils?
If so, what is your favorite oil?
If you haven't tried essential oils, and have questions, just ask?
I have a great representative that has loads of answers!

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