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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Portland, Oregon...2013

Needing a break from building/moving/unpacking, we headed to the Pacific Northwest for a quick vacation.
One of our favorites is the farmer's market in Portland, Oregon.

There are tents and tents of fresh produce, baked goods, flowers...well, just about anything else you could think of.

It's only open on Saturdays, what an adventure in shopping!

Then there's glass blowing in Lincoln City, Oregon.

These guys were amazing! They were teaching us how to make various pieces...I have a new appreciation!

And of course the flowers were gorgeous.

We couldn't pass up shopping at a Christmas store...
its was filled to the brim!

I had to get this pic...

it reminded me of a giveaway sign.
I just had to laugh...
I hope my winner loved that sign as much as I did!!

There was the stop at Powell's Bookstore...Portlander's hangout.
It covers an entire city block, 68,000 sq ft of books,
and raves of new, used, out-of-print, hard-to-find books.
It's a book lover's paradise!

One of our favortie, special treats...we enjoyed the local coffee, yummy pastries, and delicious cuisine.

If you haven't been to the NW Coast, you should visit.
It's loaded with charm, amazing sites, and delectable tastes for your palate.


  1. Everything on your tour was incredibly interesting, but I do not think you would ever get me out of that bookstore! Books are one of my obsessions! I really love research books, especially on tableware - yikes! Hope you enjoyed your "down time"!!

  2. Beautiful! What great places! I can't imagine living somewhere like Portland where there is such lush farmer's markets and unique artistry! Glad you got to visit!


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