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Friday, July 26, 2013

Home Tour...Living Room

Thanks for dropping by for our "home tour" and answering a few questions.
I'm taking those suggestions and will indeed implement them as soon as I can.

When this adventure began, we basically knew the style of home as well as the type of rooms and amenities we a wish list.
The spaces were roughly drawn to the size needed for possible furniture placement.
After we had all the pieces, different arrangements were tried for traffic flow 
and what really made sense for "true" living.
At the time, our son was working on his architectural degree so we sent the plans to him so that he could tweak things a bit, giving us a different perspective.
With his suggestions and a few other changes, we had a fairly good draft.
So with files full of pictures, lists, and plans we headed to our architect.

He was very helpful in making things "fit"...some rooms were re-sized or shifted.
Overall, we were really pleased, however my office could be a bit larger.

Before you read on:
If there are any decorators out there reading this, 
and you're cringing at my home, 
I welcome suggestions. 
But please, be kind, I cry easily. that's out of the way,
Welcome to our Living Room!
We wanted this room to feel relaxed...a place for friends and family to sit and visit, 
a place for the musicians in my life to entertain.

This picture was taken from the foyer, looking into the entrance.
We decided on planked walls, in the foyer, to help add a warm and welcoming feeling as you enter the house.
We're really enjoying these walls, however
I'm not ready to puncture them with nails, so art is "leaning."
I know, issues.

The ceilings in this part of the home are 10 ft, a foot taller than our previous home. 
I like the height, but I'm having to adjust my thinking in the proportion of decorating items.
(For instance, those shutters look a bit short in this pic, they will definitely need a little boost.)

This Living Room isn't really ready for "showing"...the big pieces are in place but that's about it.
The walls need to be addressed especially over the sofas.
Any ideas?

As you can see, 
there is a lot of natural lighting from the front windows.

From this angle, you can see the little walkway behind the love seat.
The furniture is arranged for cozy conversation and so far it's working.
(There's one of those blank walls behind that sofa.)

When the curtain panels are closed, the room seems warm and serene. 
At night, it's especially cozy.

The curtains I chose are from IKEA. 
It was the only place I could find the longer lengths that were affordable. 
This particular panel, Lenda, is simple, and added a no-fuss feeling . 
You can find them here.
The panels originally came with tab tops but those were removed. 
Adding simple black rods and clips, we were set. 
For now, the hem is just pinned, not sure if I really want them hemmed or to puddle.

The area rug is actually an all weather (outdoor) rug from Home Decorators.
It's easy maintenance.
You can find it here.

On our original wish list was to add pretty molding. 
It was a lot of work for our carpenter, but I think it was well worth it.
It makes me smile every day.

That's Living Room in transition.
Don't forget....please let me know if you have any suggestions for the walls!

Up next, the Dining Room.


  1. I would say that the pretty moldings in your new house are my favorite thing about it, but I keep changing my mind as to my favorite thing about it. The moldings are top contenders. I can't help with walls because I'm wall remedial. Too many of mine are still blank.

    Even with the walls undone, I think your living room looks just a beautiful as the rest of the house. I love the fact that it's formal yet welcoming at the same time.

  2. Sharlotte - so impressed that you have a son who could help you with your home! It looks so inviting and I think you have made a wonderful start on the living room. Love all of the architectural details - the molding is wonderful. We raised our ceilings a foot, when we built our house many years ago and forgot about the size of the windows - we should have added transoms and did not. It has always bothered me - oops!!

  3. I love the entry with the planked walls! I also LOVE the artwork! We have planked walls in the our living room and wanted to add them to the sunroom that is STILL under construction but couldn't swing the cost right now! It sometimes takes me awhile to find artwork, especially for over the sofa! Our home has 10 foot ceilings, too. I have found that larger pieces work better or groupings of smaller pieces. Single pieces tend to look lost if they are too small. I love your door headers, too! My husband has added them to our living but I'm hoping one day he'll finish doing all of them downstairs! Blessings, Tammy

  4. I really love your home. It does look serene, welcoming, and cozy. I can appreciate how apprehensive you are about hanging anything on the planked wall. The egret art does look really good just "leaning"... I think you could leave it like that. You have worked so hard and have done a beautiful job!


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