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Friday, July 19, 2013

Home Tour...Front Entry

I think I'm ready for my "official" home tour.
Things are still in their "unofficial" places...until I can bear to put nails in my walls.
(Apparently I have issues.)
And I think I'm going to make this series part of my weekly posts, what do you think?
It's partly for you as readers to see the "finished" product after many months of rough edges,
partly to help me see things from a different perspective as to what needs to go, 
what needs to be changed, 
and what needs to be nailed down (haha)!!
So without further delay... is the front entrance.
Come on in!

The landscaping was added a few weeks ago...can you see the grass beginning to sprout?
We're wondering how long it's going to take to cover the entire yard.
Does anyone know?

I'm hoping to get seating soon on both sides of the porch...the mornings and evenings are so nice.

Do you remember the planked foyer?
I'm really enjoying the texture...however, that egret print...not hung yet.
Yep, issues.
And my grandfather's cabinet fit perfectly on that wall...pure luck.
(you can read about that project here)
I had other plans but I like the cabinet there better.

This shot shows the entrances to the living room and den.
I'm still loving the glad we decided to add it! 

Can you see those pocket doors?

Here's a better shot.
They can close off the front windows from the rest of the house in case I get scared when needed. 

And here's a shot from the den to the front.
The light is really nice and so is the view.
This shot also shows an entrance to the dining room.

I'm so glad that you've been following along on our adventure. 
It's been a labor of love,
boy, I'm glad we're finished!
(Well, kinda finished.)

Stay tuned for the Living Room and a few questions.
(like... should that mat be under the first or second door? both? or just get a long mat?)
(and what about those urns...they need to be larger, right?) many questions...PLEASE stay tuned!!


  1. Wow! How pretty! I LOVE that massive front porch!!! We don't really have a lot of porches here in the Midwest like you guys do in the South and Southwest, so I'm always in awe.'s as long as the entire length of the house!!! That's just fabulous!!!

    I love all the doors across the front, too! That is just such a fabulous touch! Very Southfork! :-)

    I can't answer the question about the grass. We've always done sod, and it takes a couple of weeks for it to take hold. I'm guessing starting from scratch takes about twice as long? It's going to be fun to watch it all grow in, though. Consider it like watching a baby grow hair! :-)

    Your foyer is quite grand, and I love both the pocket doors and the transom! Very slick! I can only imagine how it will look when decorated during the holidays!!!

    As for the front door mat question, I vote single larger mat and raising the beautiful urns so they can be more readily seen. You have done a magnificent job!!! Enjoy it!!!

  2. Sharlotte, it's beautiful. So serene and calming! The landscaping is lovely. I love the monchromatic color scheme.. your wood floors... and your transom! So beautiful! I'm so happy for you.

  3. Its Beautiful!!!! Cannot wait to see more! Happy Decorating...Blessings!

  4. I love a good home tour! It takes a lot of work to get things where you want them to be in process. Me, speaking from experience. Beautiful planked flooring that highlights your grandfather's piece. I feel it is so important to have family belongings in our homes. It was a lot of work and a lot of decisions made but you must be beaming with pride!!

  5. Thank you for sharing!!!
    Lovely place to call home. You have a very beautiful one.
    Can't wait to see the rest!
    Have a super week-end,

  6. I am so glad to see this! I love that I got to follow this project from the very beginning to this point. I love the porch and the entry, and the transoms have been my favorite thing of all as I watched the house go up. (OK, maybe tied with that brick floor and probably ten other things that I will remember when I see them on tour. ) I make a humble request that you do a weekly tour. I really do love this home you built and can't wait to see more.

  7. Oh my goodness. How did I miss this?

    Your porch and entry are beautiful. The details are amazing! My dad's house is 104 years old and you have features that he has. Pocket doors, transom windows, big gorgeous molding.... Y'all did a great job!


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