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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I'm joing Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for her Tablescape Thursday. Be sure to drop by for loads of inspiration!

I'll admit it, I'm a thrift store/antique shoppe junkie.
There are days that go by and I don't stop, but lately, I just can't help it! I've been several times this week already! There are several spots close by, it's fun to make the rounds. I love going to "just look" and usually end up with something to take home. Storage is beginning to be a problem so I'm trying to be selective...well, unless I see something really neat.
One thing I've begun looking for is fabric. It could be in the form of a tablecloth, curtains, clothes...anything that catches my eye. This past Tuesday, I found a round tablecloth that caught my eye...and even better, it looked like it just came from the cleaners! The attached tag stated that it is from Target, Waverly fabric....loved it at first site. The fabric around the perimeter is gingham and the colors are perfect for my home. Did I say I love it, yes, love it.

It was the inspiration for today's table.

This little guy usually lights up a corner in my kitchen...but today, I wanted him to shed a little light on my table.
He looks like he's happy to do so!

He's resting on a couple vintage books and the little alarm clock fit just perfectly on the book.

Things are casual, laid back for the summer. Jars for our cool beverages...

...and mix~matched, vintage flatware from my favorite shoppe.

I added my grandmother's molds.

Rosette cookies are delicate looking treats made with a batter using eggs, milk, flour, salt and sugar. To form the rosette cookies, iron rosette molds are used. These molds are usually sold in kits with several different shapes. The iron mold is dipped into the sizzling, hot oil and then quickly pressed into the batter. Then quickly dipped back into the hot oil and removed after a minute or so. Sometimes the batter can stick to the rosette iron.

Thrifty woven charger and repainted candle holders.

Vintage postcard...

...dishes from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Westerly Basket.

Thrifty napkin rings recovered in jute.

You just never know when inspiration is "right around the corner!"

Thanks for visiting...enjoy your day!


  1. I love that table cloth and how it inspired such a nice table. I really like how your centerpiece was eclectic and interesting. Love the old rosette irons.

  2. Sharlotte, Your new tablecloth is very pretty and your dishes are perfect for it. The wicker look on the edge goes well with the centerpiece! I've never made rosettes! Linda

  3. Oh Sharlotte, this is just gorgeous!! Love that fabric and you have taken it to another level with the tablescape. Beautiful!!

  4. What a gorgeous table-you are a very creative tablescaper! I especially love the fabric-the colours and print are gorgeous.

    Best wishes,

  5. i used this fabric to help my daughter decorate her dining room one time. It's a great, classic design. I really adored the rosette cookie molds that you incorporated. Thank you for sharing your charming tablescape. You've acheived a great look. Cherry Kay

  6. "Beautiful Sharlotte", the black accents make the whole table "pop". LOVE your Grandmothers molds, it is precious to have them take center stage. That is my favorite thing there. I too would have snapped up that tablecloth, it's a winnner!!! Your tablescape is gorgeous Sharlotte, jut gorgeous!

  7. Beautiful setting! That tablecloth is lovely, and I like your rooster lamp centerpiece! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love everything, especially the Waverly tablecloths.

  9. I can see why you picked that tablecloth, beautiful. I love the rooster lamp being used as the centerpiece...the black napkins are a very nice complement to your beautiful table.

  10. What a pretty and unusual tablescape! love the mix and match vintage flatware! I hope you are having a great week!...hugs...Debbie

  11. LOVELY!! Not only are the colors beautiful, but that centerpiece is a treat for the eyes. You have a real gift of the "go togethers".

  12. Sharlotte, that cloth is just beautiful! I can see why you had to have it. I like all the little details that you including in your centerpiece. I am always tucking photos in here and there so it made me smile to see that postcard. The white dishes and black accents look great against that cloth.

  13. Oh how pretty that cloth is! Love your black red and whites.

  14. I love your tablescape! And what a find at thrift store! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Love your tablescape. Oh did i say love? I meant LOVE your tablescape. your centerpiece is divine and has given me so many ideas. great job. perfect table cloth..

  16. the way you did the centerpiece is very creative! i loved the whole table.
    thank you!

  17. Oh My God! I read your blog, and thought, hmmm, did I write this?? It sounds like my week~~~I, too, love thrifting and antiquing and have been 3 days this week!! {yes, 3 days, not 3 stores!, more like 6-7 stores!!!} I find that sometimes I just can't stop myself~~and I know what you mean about the space at home! I, too, have begun searching out fabric, WOW! you found a great piece!!!! It's beautiful, and Waverly! Nice!!!
    Then, I see your picture of your rooster lamp! I, too, <3 roosters and have a smaller lamp, similar to yours.... Thanx for sharing your beautiful tablescape! I love it!

  18. Love the new table fabric and that rooster lamp - ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh baby, thats just perfect... you sure did some great thrifting...


  19. Right up my alley with all that red!!! Wish we had nice thrift shops, etc. in our area but sadly we don't...just total junk shops, not "junque" that I like!

  20. I love your tablecloth! Great find... Your Grandmother's rosette maker is nice, too. I have one, but it's pretty plain -- no pretty red handle like yours! Thanks for sharing.

  21. I LOVE that tablecloth! What a great find! I always look at the linens at the thriftstore too! Beautiful tablescape!



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