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Friday, July 9, 2010

Where do you stash your stuff?

As you accumulate treasures, either given or purchased, where do you put it all?

One theory is to space things out...another is to put all "like" things together. I go back and forth on these options, but at this point, I like similar things groups together.
Case in Mother has had the "redecorating bug" and has moved some of her things around. Here is her "new" little corner:

She's placed all her souvenir spoons together as well as her silver pieces. There are little lights inside the cabinet to help bring out all the shine. This cabinet is in her kitchen. It's now easy for her to pick out which pieces she needs for meals or gatherings.

In her dining room, she's placed a lot of her crystal together in her china hutch.

She placed mirrors on the back of hutch and put twinkle lights on each shelf.
She's the original in our family.

Man~O~man, do her things sparkle!

Her next project was to take this Salvation Army find from this...

to this!

And, guess what she's going to use it for?
More storage! See that little house inside? She's going to put part of her Dept. 56 houses inside. I think it will be quite a display!

Do you group similar things or spread your collections around? Just curious.


  1. I love the change in that china cabinet! Wonderful. Love the lights she added to make it all sparkle!

  2. Love what she did!! She sounds a lot like my mother too. I love the lights too!

  3. Beautiful photos - the crystal is out of this world lovely! The antique cupboard will be perfect for her Dept 56 treasures. My Mother was a huge collector of that also. Now - I have them - so wish I had a great place like that to store them!


  4. Great piece and I love the re-do !
    I have a little building in the backyard that houses most of my stuff and it is so packed right now....I can't get to my dishes !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  5. Love the painted cabinet. Great job! I have one that I bought to paint but still haven't got around to it.
    I keep my stuff grouped together, pottery in one cabinet, fiestaware in another, transfer ware in another, etc. But I sometimes put a spare piece separate as an accent.

  6. I love what you mom did with the twinkle lights.

    To answer your question, I try to group things together in odd numbers, 3's,5's or 7's. I store a lot of my stuff and bring it out and change it when the mood strikes.


  7. I'm still trying to figure that out lol

  8. wow that cabinet looks fabulous~!!!


  9. HI!
    I gave you an award!!
    Check it out! =)

    <3 brandi

  10. Hi there
    Your mom has the eye for putting things together thats for sure. I love the china cabinet after its painted white...lovely.
    The beautiful crystal looks lovely in the cabinet.
    Very special.
    Come by for a visit..


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