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Monday, July 26, 2010

Mustache Cup

I'm sharing a Mustache Cup today. I have only one so it usually is the center of attention. I'm always so curious as to a piece's history... I wonder who used this particular cup and saucer?
Could it have been this gentleman?

It's so strange to think that men would use such dainty cups and saucers in drinking their favorite warm beverage..

But with the guard, I guess it was safe to have their tea and drink it too!

I can easily imagine these young ladies having tea from such a pretty piece...

...while the brother, probably having nothing to do with tea, was outside riding his bicycle or tinkering with his toys.

"The MUSTACHE/MOUSTACHE cup and saucer was invented around 1830 by Harvey Adams of Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, England. What sets it apart from a regular cup and saucer? In theVictorian Era, almost all men sported a mustache of one style or size. It was de rigeur! However, the dapper mustache caused the dapper dandies problems. Their dyed, waxed and curled mustaches often drooped into the tea or coffee cup or dripped the colorful dyes and waxes into the beverages! A drawing room disaster of the times, causing women to send for the smelling salts.

Harvey Adams invention sported a ledge, called a mustache guard, across the cup. The guard had one semi-circular opening against the side of the cup. As the gentlemen sipped through the opening, their mustaches rested safe and dry on the mustache guard.They could enjoy their favorite hot beverage peacefully."   {}

photo references:
#1 maternal great~grandfather
#2 maternal grandfather's mother and siblings

I'm joining Martha for her Tea Cup Tuesdays over at Martha's Favorites. Be sure to drop by, she and her participants alway have amazing things to share.

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  1. I knew they waxed their mustaches but didn't think about are so vain!! Love the cup but agree pretty girly.

  2. This is amazing. I had no idea!

  3. This is a beautiful little teacup. LOVED the story and I've never really thought about it BUT what a fantastic invention it was. I have numerous family member that REALLY could use this cup and I may go on a quest now of adding a few to my cupboard(Thank you my Dear)... I must ask my sons HOW uncomfortable it is to drink their coffee while sporting a mustache. My brother has a HUGE old fashioned one that could give him a leading part in an old Dickens film... I think the men DID like their dainty cups back when these were in fashion. My Dad at 85 always reaches past the mugs and prefers the thinnest of my porcelain teacups for his coffee. He always mumbles that "it tastes SO much better"... When I know he's going to be here I make sure there is an Irish Belleek cup there, just for him hiding in those shadows(if I put it front center he would be upset that I had "Gone out of my way". I have always remarked about the old war movies and no matter how heavy the battles going on the men had elaborate tables set up that would be fitting of our weekly tablescapes...
    Thank you for this fun cup of yours, it has aroused my curiosity to go BOTHER my guys with mustaches,

  4. Thanks for the history lesson and sharing your beautiful cup/saucer with us...I have a feeling that this fashion of the day is not one that we're likely to be repeating any time soon. (smile)

  5. This whole post is terrific, from the teacup, which is really beautiful as well as interesting, to the history. I didn't know that about the dye either.

    Loved the pictures too! Aren't those outfits grand? How would you like to be wearing THAT today?


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