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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Power Tools...

In my book, my father was the original tool man.
He was a large man in both spirit and stature.
You see, he had his own industrial business, built furniture, and even built homes.
He was a visionary, extremely mechanical, and loved making things with his hands.

My husband is also a tool man, in fact, he inherited many of my father's tools. 
All this to say, I've been around large, loud, sparking industrial tools my entire life.
And I'll even admit, I love the smell of a hardware store and fresh cut lumber.

I've used a few power tools in my day, but they are sooo big and heavy! 

What usually happens around here is...I typically have an idea, begin the project, 
but then my husband has to finish what I've started...poor guy. 
So when I see all the neat DIY ideas on Pinterest and in Blogland, 
my husband's "honey-do" list gets longer and longer.
He's sweet and gets to things in his "spare time".
However, on days like today, 
when he's out of town and
 I have extra time on my hands and
the creative bug bites...hard...
I thought, 
"You know, I can do this..."
So today I was rummaging around in "his" garage and found a battery operated tool.
A tool that would make "his" honey-do list shorter,
a tool that I could handle much more easily.

The icing on the cake? It was charged!

My project for today? 
Making a top out of pallet boards for a set of sewing machine legs.

 I found them in Burnett, Texas at a favorite antique shop while shopping with my sister. 
They weren't even priced yet, but knew they'd be perfect for my sewing machine lamp.
{You can see that post here.}
The best part? They were below my budgeted amount!
I love when that happens!

So the project began:
 measuring, measuring, cutting, 
{you know, measure twice, cut once}
sanding, staining, sanding, and reinforcing.
Yippee! The top was complete.

Add the little lamp...

...and I think it's ready for a new spot!

I'm linking to Miss Mustard Seed's Furniture Feature Friday.
See you there!

I knew you wanted to ask...what is under those lace curtain panels?
Boxes and boxes.
Yep...we're moving.
I'll keep you posted!

Please use great caution if using power tools: read all instructions, wear protective eye-wear


  1. OMGoodness! You got skills girl! Your table turned out great. The lampshade is the perfect finish.

  2. Sharlotte! It turned out sooo cute! Can't wait to see it in person!

  3. Whether it's you or your husband, I think it's great that you often use the tools instead of letting them gather dust. A well-loved tool that's often used and properly maintained make for more enjoyable project making. That said, the table top turned out great, Sharlotte! Great job!


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