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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A little shopping...

I'm looking for a few extra pieces to add character to my home... 
finding just the right piece is like a treasure hunt.
And, going on a treasure hunt isn't much fun alone, 
I'm usually part of a trio.
My mother and sister make up the other two thirds.
They love a good adventure too and antique shopping is always on the agenda. 
We stumbled upon an amazing place in Galveston, Texas while on a quick visit.
It's called:
Big House Antiques
2212 Mechanic St.
GalvestonTX 77550
Phone: (409)762-0559

It's not really a house, it's actually and old hotel that has been converted into an antique shop.

Don't you know these floors have some great stories?

The former rooms are actually still there, but are filled with various vintage items.

Aren't those transoms great?
Can you see a peek of the original bead board paneling?

I love the simple trim.

Those wicker chairs remind me of gorgeous Victorian photographs of years past.
Like this one...

or this one.

Both sides of this room were stacked with head boards and matching foot boards.

Some rooms were set up with full sets.
{Here you can see the original bead board.}

The hallways were filled with loads of treasures.

Downstairs was one large room with tons and tons of unique items.

Heater grates...
and this item.

It looks like some type of teapot, right?
Well, the tag said this:

Nope...that didn't help me at all.
So I looked it up here.


  [sam-uh-vahr, sam-uh-vahr]  Show IPA
a metal urn, used especially by Russians for heating water for making tea.
1820–30;  < Russian samovár,  equivalent to samo-  self (see same) + -var,  noun derivative of varítʾ  to cook,boil

I was close! 
Wow! Really, the 1820's? From Russia?
See, treasures!

What treasures have you found lately?


  1. I'm hearing the twightlight song in my head...I was just there at that very shop last Saturday!! What a small, small world this is. My husband and I went to watch the reenactment of the Battle of Galveston. I got some great shots at the encampments and edited them to look like they were during the civil war period. (the post right before the grow your blog) And I'm chuckling, because I have some of the very same shots I took with my phone...especially the one of the green bathroom. I can't wait to go back when I have more time, I would like to get some old books.

  2. That bathroom is something else!! But definitely many treasures in this spot!

  3. How lucky you are to have treasure hunting partners - and such lovely places to hunt! I'm your newest follower. I found you at Sherry's "No Minimalist Here" while trying to find new friends and "Grow my Blog".


  4. It's so nice to meet you, Sharlotte. Isn't retirement the greatest? I look forward to following your blog!


  5. Sharlotte
    I so enjoyed a tour of the antique store you visited. My husband has been wanting an old teapot warmer similar to the Russian one. I think he saw it on Sherlock Holmes!
    I'm visiting from the blog party.

  6. Wow! Great research, Sharlotte! So glad to know! Especially since I have one just like it. How cool!

  7. Ooh...I could have some fun there!


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