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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Texas Bluebonnets...

Our state flower is the bluebonnet

and it's at this time of year they are in their full glory. 
They pop up along the roadsides, sometimes in small patches, 

other times in fields of blue. 

It's a tradition that pictures of family members (mainly little ones) are taken each year in these fields.
So be very watchful of cars parked along the side of the road
as little ones (and their parents) might be darting to and fro 
excited from all the beautiful sights!

Now, as you have probably guessed, 
these bluebonnets are the inspiration for today's table.

Welcome to Tablescape Thursday!

 I decided to use their color for today's table.

Keeping things simple is a favorite way to decorate.

Adding in a few textures here and there always adds interest,
and keeps things from being too boring.

This brace and bit tool caddy has been a work-horse for me. 
(see below for credits and tutorial)

Using "vintage-looking" stemware reminds me of simpler days...

especially thinking of my grandmother and all her lovely meals.
In fact, this oak table was hers. 
I'm so very proud to have it my home, it's truly a focal point in my kitchen, 
just like it was in her kitchen, so many years ago.

If you are planning to travel through Texas during the next few weeks,
be sure to stop and enjoy our bluebonnets!

I'm joining Susan over at Between Naps on the Porch for her Tablescape Thursday.
Be sure to drop by for loads of inspiration!

In case you're interested:
chargers - Pier 1
square dishes - gifted
blue dishes - Johnson Brothers - Old Britian Blue Castles - My Tableware
flatware - Oneida (Michelangelo) -wedding gifts
stemware - Dollar Store
napkins/rings - handmade
centerpiece - brace and bit tool box (credit/tutorial here)

**A reader stated that picking bluebonnets is lawful...she was indeed correct! Please see this article by SNOPES.

 This is a widely known myth and it is probably the most-asked question this time of year. It is perfectly legal to pick wildflowers in Texas, including our state flower, the bluebonnet. The question is asked so often of the State Highway Patrol, which has a standardized statement that it faxes to people advising that it is perfectly legal to pick bluebonnets. 

There are some ways, however, that you can get into trouble and even break the law while you're picking them. First of all, you cannot trespass onto people's property to get to the flowers. That means that you cannot crawl over fences or go through gates to get into the fields where the flowers are. Secondly, you cannot block traffic with your vehicle when you stop to pick the flowers. And, in Texas, it is illegal to walk along the freeways or the shoulder of the freeways. It is also illegal to damage anyone's property, including the state's property, while you're picking the wildflowers. That includes making ruts in the grass or causing any type of damage to the landscape. 

There are some areas where the state has actually planted bluebonnets and other wildflowers. Those are clearly marked. These are considered to be gardens, and gathering flowers in these areas is not allowed. If you are caught picking flowers in those areas, you will be asked to stop, but you will not be arrested or issued a ticket. So, there are certainly ways to get into trouble while picking wildflowers and some folks have actually broken some laws while doing so. However, picking wildflowers — even bluebonnets — is not illegal and never has been. Just be careful how and where you do it.


  1. Love your table, I have those blue plates, just the dinner ones and was thinking of using them for Easter. The bluebonnets are popping up around here too, along with the Indian pretty!

  2. Lovely flowers and lovely table. Great plates!

  3. Blue flowers are my absolute favorite and these are really beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Sharlotte, this is so beautiful. I love the way the place setting stacks up with the variety of shapes. I would love to come to Texas during bluebonnet season. They look absolutely gorgeous.

  5. Your table setting is a beautiful tribute to our lovely flowers.
    Our back lot is covered...unbelievably beautiful in spite of being so dry.
    It is not illegal to pick a few just can't dig them up or mar the road right of way in any manner. People who are taking bluebonnet pictures need to be specially aware of fire ants who also love the flowers!!
    Thank you for a lovely post!

  6. The bluebonnets are so pretty. It is easy to see why you are inspired by them. I love the blues and whites together especially with blue transferware.

  7. Oh I love blue bonnets too! LOVE the chargers that you have displayed with your beautiful tablescape! Makes me want to get busy busy on a tablescape now in which I am behind on!!!! Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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