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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Lifelong learning...

True to my blog title..."a little bit of this and that"...
this post fits right in THAT category.

It's not a particular pretty post
with lovely flowers,




or even linens.

it's about lessons I learned this week 

friendship, courage, and respect.

You see, every time my husband leaves for an extensive trip,
something happens here on the "home-front."
You can bet on it.

So, true to tradition, just a mere 5 hours into his trip,
this was outside my home.

shaky snap with my phone...

Now, to set the stage...I've been ALL over this property for approximately 3 years,
walking, digging, kneeling and never have I noticed anything slithering around.
Oh I knew there were probably critters like this around
since we're in a wooded subdivision.
But surely NOT where we are constantly moving about
where this little one likes to snoop around or do her business.

SURELY not in MY yard!

But the proof is here, right on my back sidewalk, leading straight into my garage.
It's a path I walk at least 1000 times a day,
sometimes with shoes on,
sometimes with shoes off,
sometimes during the day,
sometimes during the night.

So, when I was going about my routine and saw this in my path,
I ASSUMED it was a stick and was about to scoot it out of the way.
BUT then I noticed the markings...
AND this high shriek came out of my mouth 
while I did THE
that's.not.a.stick.that's.a.snake dance.
It wasn't a pretty sight.
 This I know for a fact...
I saw my debut on the security camera monitor.

So, being that I'm a smart city girl, 
I did the only thing I could think to do,
I used this product:

Yep, wasp spray (aka SNAKE repellent.)

And not only did I spray its head liberally 
but its body too,
just in case.

Well, this snake didn't really like the taste of my "magic potion" 
and slithered off to a little nearby boxwood.
I saw him take refuge 
I wasn't thrilled that he didn't slither off into the wild blue yonder.
So I did the NEXT best thing,
went to Facebook.


I wanted to put it out there for ALL the wide world...
Did any of my friends know what kind of snake was lounging at my house?
AND most importantly,
was it poisonous or not?

As I waited, I Googled, "brown snake with triangles" 
I'm such a smart city girl...
and guess what came up?
Well, I knew that wasn't it,
I didn't see or hear any "rattles."

Meanwhile, I heard a little "ding" from my computer,
one of my super smart friends came to my rescue.
"It's a copperhead!"
And before I knew it, 
my computer was going crazy 
with all the replies of advice and mountains of knowledge.
I have such smart, amazing friends!

Then a local friend called and said she was sending her son and another 
over to my house to look around the invaded area.
At this point, the snake was gone, good riddance as far as I was concerned,
but she was adamant, the fearless snake hunters were on their way.
Luckily, within 30 minutes, my yard was investigated with NO sign of THE copperhead.

Good sign or bad?
I'm  not sure 
but after telling my tale to friend after friend,
and reaping more savvy advice...
I bought this product.

The reviews were mixed...but I believe somewhere on the package 
it states, " peace of mind to damsels in distress."
country living

So today I learned :
friends - what would I ever do with out them...once again!
courage - living in the "country" takes a different kind of courage than "city" living
respect - for all of God's creatures, even slithering ones 

we're taking all precautions (for our family and pets)
with this critter, and any of his friends.
After all, we built in HIS territory...
I just don't want him in MY territory!

*no "critters" were injured in the writing of this post
*i received no compensation for the products in this post

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  1. I nearly died just looking at the picture!!! I am terrified of snakes, and we had one get into the HOUSE a few months ago. Just the thought still gives me the heebie jeebies and makes me want to puke. We have covered every possible threshold with that stuff, and I have it on my agenda to reapply this month.



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