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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cannon Beach, Oregon

There were so many amazing sites in Oregon, but Cannon Beach was one of the highlights.

I've been to the Pacific Ocean before, but this spot was breathtaking.
It was a little cool for bathing suits, but rolling up your pant legs worked just as well.
The water was a transparent green, actually picture perfect green.

This beach is famous for it's monoliths, those huge rock formations.

The large structure on the right is called the "haystack".  
Can you see the people standing beside it? It gives a nice perspective to its size!

Hugging the coast were these amazing beach homes. 

They are quite a distance from the ocean but there were warnings for tsunamis evacuations posted if needed....yikes!
No worries for us though, the day was perfect!

After our seaside walk, we toured the one-main-street town.

The homes were very pretty...loved the large windows and siding.

The side yards were just as neat... well as the garages.

We stopped for lunch at Bill's and had a tasty lunch of clam chowder with fish and chips.
It was a perfect day.

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