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Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Little Investigating...

So I had the television on the other day and while half listening, I learned about this place:

It's a hotel surplus warehouse. 
This particular one is in Houston, but you might have one close to where you are too.

They have rows and rows of "used" things, kinda like scratch and dent.
These solid wood nightstands were $49, they could easily be painted.

This shopping is not for the faint of's a warehouse with no air conditioning!
Being 100 degrees outside, the doors were open with fans blowing trying to keep things a bit cooler. 

This mirror was $ was very large...about 5 feet wide.
It was beautiful!

There were rows of:
chairs, couches, headboards, nightstands, desks, pictures, electronics, hotel kitchen items.
oh my

Most of the furniture was Drexel, very sturdy.

Then there were the lamps.
These were very pretty and quite heavy.
No plastic here!

Guess how much they were?
$20 each.
Can you even believe it?

See the fork lift? Yep, it's apparently needed to handle the massive amounts of furniture.
The red sofas are actually sleepers. They were in good shape.
Can you believe all the chairs stacked upon each other? 

More lamps...and what did my little eye spy?
A lamp just like the one I purchased at an antique store about a month ago!
You can read about it here.
This one was only $20!


And around the corner I saw these! 
In total, there were 9 of these guys,
all in once place!

When I bought mine, I thought it was a "one of a kind"...
guess not.

Oh, is what it is, right?
At least I have a new place to shop for great bargains,
all it took was a little investigation!

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