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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Choosing Paint...

Choosing paint is exciting...the choices are endless. 
Where is one to turn? 
Houzz, Pinterest, blogs
Yep...I've been doing a lot of research and have found the exterior colors for our new home.
They are actually part Sherwin Williams, part Benjamin Moore.

For the porch ceiling we chose:
"Lauren's Surprise"  by SW, it's a beautiful, peaceful blue.
The trim we chose was a BM color "Cotton Balls". 
 My contractor only uses only SW so I took the BM sample and they mixed it for SW.
...and they're having a sale this week on paint and supplies! yippee!
For the exterior shutters we chose "Revere Pewter" by BM...again switched it to SW.
Next to these samples is our brick. It's called Lafayette Blend.
What do you think?

Next is deciding on interior colors.
 "White Dove" is all the has a hint of gray.
Here it is with the "Cotton Balls" I was thinking as trim.

I have to think on this one for a while.
Be back soon!


  1. I always wonder if we don't have overstimulation around the internet. It tastes good, it might advice you now and then, bring on ideas you'd never had but sometimes, very few, I've been wondering if so much information won't make it more difficult on some people...
    I like - it's a lie, I Love - all the sharings but sometimes when I have to get done with some project I have to stay away and really wonder what I want and intendo to achieve.

    Of course you don't have that problem and seem to know exactly what you want. Or at least what you don't.

    Thank you for sharing your step by step.


  2. This will be a tough decision. It's difficult to tell the colors on the computer. To confuse you a little more, we have SW Cameo Cream in our house. I love it.


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