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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tuesday's Treasure #9

Welcome to Tuesday's Treasure!
Each week a special item will be featured from our shoppe...
Sharlotte's Reflections.
We Love Them!
They are so versatile and well, just fun! can find us on facebook...
check out the tab above:
Sharlotte's Reflections...The Shoppe
for prices and more information


  1. I wanted to buy two old trays at the reStore last week and realized that I didn't have so much as a dollar in my purse. I had forgotten them until now. They're probably gone, but I need to go back and look. I have been wanting to try this. Yours looks so pretty.

    1. Thanks Debbie. We enjoy taking these trays and turning them into chalkboards. I have several myself all around the house and love them. They're so versatile...and just pretty. This particular tray is a nice weight and size. You should try it, you'll be hooked!


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