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Tuesday, December 3, 2013


If you've been following for a while,
you know that recently,
we built a new home and moved across town.

..."recently" means
7 months ago...

Now for the Houston area,
across town is approx an hours drive
from our old address
to our new address.

We traded in suburbia
rural living.

I won't kid you
it's been quite an adjustment.
An adjustment that I knew I would be making.
saying it 
living it
are very different things.

I hope I'm not coming across negatively
that would imply that I'm
not happy.
that's not the case at all.
Life is just different.

For instance:
we see deer in our yard,
sweet little birds that love to visit,
a multitude of stars at night.

Guess what I saw today?
A cat being chased by three blackbirds.
That cat was running through the trails as fast as he could
and those birds were just a squawking!
I'm thinking they were all enjoying a game of tag.

Now, if my internet connections were consistent
I'd be set!


  1. I am sure this is a major adjustment for you. I am married to a minister so moving is nothing new for me. We just moved for the 16th time in our 35 years of marriage......:( not fun! I do love being in the rural area we are in ...3 acres and an old farmhouse we are redoing a little at a time.... I understand, hang in there and enjoy things one day at a time. Continue to count those blessings as they come your way. Blessings!

  2. I know exactly what you mean, Sharlotte! We moved from major suburbia to extreme rural 7 years ago. But, yes, life can be hard in the country. We've finally gotten our internet connection to an adequate level after starting with dial-up speed. My beginning months of blogging were maddening at such a slow pace. you said, there are so many blessings we enjoy daily here - beautiful sunrise and sunset, millions of stars at night, and all of nature at your back door - and front! I hope you settle in and grow attached to your new blessed life. ;-)
    Christmas blessings!
    Kim @ Curtain Queen Creates


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