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Thursday, August 25, 2011


I'm writing this post as therapy...
My youngest is leaving for college in the morning for the second time.
When he was a freshman, we loaded up our truck and caravanned to the university for their "Move In Day." You know the park about 2 miles away from the dorm and carry everything that your child will need for the next six months. {If you're experienced, you bring a dolly and an extra friend.} The weather is usually102 degrees and the dorm rooms are warm because of the constant opening of the main doors. Then there is the luck-of-the-draw as to what floor they are assigned to and whether or not there is an elevator. 

As that luck would have it, our son was on the third floor, no elevator, and after 3 - two mile treks, he had everything needed. Except for a couple of things...of course.
A trip to Target was inevitable...something, I swore I wouldn't do on this particular day.
Ahh...the never ending joy of parenthood.

All kidding aside, it really was fun. It's kinda a rush...brings back memories of my college days.
The Freshman are crazy excited...the parents smile, but you know inside their hearts are breaking as they leave their "pride and joy" to fend for themselves.
I remember thinking...what will he have for dinner?

As it turned out, he had a great experience and matured quite a bit. He did eat, washed his own clothes, and made it fine with out me. imagine that!

Now that he's a sophomore, he's made the transition from dorm to apartment. In fact, it's a 4 bedroom, 4 bath place...and that's fairly standard! Gee Whiz! What happened to bathrooms at the end of the hallway and the expected "flush" to be yelled as not to scald your friends in the shower!

Needless to say, he's very excited. Independence...well, with Mom and Dad footing the bill.

As you might imagine, my house is crazy. It looks a bit like a tornado has hit as he goes through his things and packs. It's fun to see what he's chosen to set up in his new place room.

Our old turntable has been reclaimed and is now the "cool" thing, perfect for a bachelor pad. Too bad we already sold our 4ft speakers. I'm sure that would have been a huge hit...literally.

So it goes...tomorrow morning, he loads his own car and makes the trek by himself. I'm trying to be strong and stay busy, it's still hard. I know I will miss him...he's really a lot of fun to be around. But, I know it's the right thing to do.
 He's building his memories and learning along the way.

I'm learning too.
Parenthood...not for the faint of heart.


  1. As you might remember, I'm standing right there on Sophomore Mountain with you. I grinned at the memory of the hall bath and the toilet flush shout.

    How about the old bellow "Man on the hall!" That's what we had to yell out if a boy (always escorted) came onto the dorm hall.

    Hope your son has a wonderful year.

  2. It's not with me and I feel a pang in my heart by reading this... It's so hard to see them grow but like the quote says, I supose it woul be harder not to see them grow.

    Promiss you won't develop that "empty nest" phenomenon and more time to take care and enjoy yourself and your life.

    My son entered University but he'll study in the same time we are so no moving for us but I sometimes imagine what he would take from his room (and our house) once he decides to live on his home...

    Take Care and Good Luck to the handsome Guy!

  3. I don't think my comments are coming out! Let's see if this one works, if it does, then I will write more!


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